I’m wrangling hard for this one

I love the Nebraska State Fair and everything about it. I love how it pulls you in a million different directions. I love how organized it is yet feels like chaos. I love how serious it is about recycling and teaching…and I love how it seems on the surface that it’s only responsibility is to…read more »


I am looking forward to this

A trailer has been posted for Dan Rather’s chat with Ringo Starr on the 100th episode of his AXS TV series The Big Interview. It kicks off the show’s new season on October 2nd and here it more »


speed bumps

Did ya ever come across something that you know is wrong but you hesitate to say anything corrective because that wrong situation is something you benefit from? I’m not talking about keeping the 6o dollars the ATM accidentally spit out from someone else’s account. I’m yappin’ about something much less morally corrupt: Bypassing speed bumps!…read more »

PIC - bear1

Nat’l Manufacturing Month

Grand Island Chamber of Commerce invited members of the public to tour area manufacturers as part of National Manufacturing Month and I jumped at the chance to get a look inside some of these organizations. It’s always interesting to see inside other worlds. Their operation, the what and how and the history and livelihood of…read more »

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Did you know?

Did you know that if you find someone’s driver’s license you can simply drop it in the mailbox. No envelope, no postage, just drop it in the mailbox and the U.S Postal Service will deliver it to the address stated therein. (Certain states may charge 2 bucks). I recently lost my license. It is for this…read more »


This made me smile

Letterman was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel’s show recently and it was SO good to see. In the 80s when Letterman was on after Johnny Carson it was WAY too late for us to stay up in our one-tv household so my brother would program the VCR to tape it EVERY NIGHT! Then on Saturday’s…read more »


Franzman Island Mornings 5:30-10am

My name is Franzman. I previously worked for numerous daily newspapers, designing advertising and writing copy for clients and although I liked it, I knew there was somewhere else I wanted to be. I knew it was a place that did not require a tie or dress slacks. I’ve never been a dress slacks kinda guy.

Eventually, I started a career in broadcasting that continues to make me happy every day.

If I had to do something else, I truly don’t know where I’d be…maybe an Andrew Dice-Clay impersonator. Thanks for listening!