my friend

there was supposed to be more

When a friend suddenly leaves you and you can never ever see them or hear their laugh again it’s like loosing a limb. Experts say we experience different stages of grief. I believe that because I’m pissed. (Apparently I’m in the anger stage). Selfishly, I’m pissed that music won’t be the same anymore as so…read more »


Don’t think less of me

If I had every quarter that I ever spent on video games I could pay cash for a house! When I was a kid we didn’t have video games at home. They were in the department store. To get that high score really meant something to me. It meant skill was displayed…and a crap-ton of…read more »


something you should know

Kellogg Company is recalling boxes of Honey Smacks cereal due to a possible salmonella contamination. The Centers for Disease Control warned the company about the product and informed them that the cereal has been linked to 73 cases of salmonella in 31 states. 24 people have been hospitalized. Boxes with “Best if Used By” dates…read more »


A twinge of nervousness

I have to be careful to limit my caffeine intake on Friday mornings because I always have a twinge of nervousness gnawing at my innards. Even though I’ve been doing this for a long time, it’s the unknown that still gives me a bit of the jitters and every Friday Morning The OneManParty is filled…read more »


I coined a phrase

The only downside of getting up super-early on a Saturday Morning is that when you walk into a store before 9am it’s as if you’re walking onto the stage at Carnegie Hall. With virtually no customers to help – I was practically the sole human walking into big box theatre. I counted at least 6…read more »


Australian Cattle/Shepherd Mix

Very friendly and happy…loves to be pet. No I’m not talking about myself, I’m talking about Zoey the energetic, Australian Cattle/Shepherd mix. She’s energetic yet respectful. I love this dog! If you do, too or if ya just wanna spend some time with her, stop by the Central Nebraska humane Society on Skypark Road in…read more »


Franzman Island Mornings 5:30-10am

My name is Franzman. I previously worked for numerous daily newspapers, designing advertising and writing copy for clients and although I liked it, I knew there was somewhere else I wanted to be. I knew it was a place that did not require a tie or dress slacks. I’ve never been a dress slacks kinda guy.

Eventually, I started a career in broadcasting that continues to make me happy every day.

If I had to do something else, I truly don’t know where I’d be…maybe an Andrew Dice-Clay impersonator. Thanks for listening!