Hope For The Holidays

Many times the Holiday Dollar is STRETCHED beyond its limits…from simply paying your utilities to buying toys for the kids. This Holiday, 107.7 The Island, want to wrap up some HOPE for the Holidays!

We’re going to give 5 Hundred Dollars to ten families who need HELP this Holiday Season! 

Listen mornings with Franzman as we make the holidays JUST a little brighter for 10 central Nebraska families!  We will announce the recipients each weekday December 2nd – December 13th. 

We’re wrapping up 5-Thousand Dollars for the Holidays, to give HOPE! Hope for the Holidays, made possible with the help of the sponsors on this page  and 107.7 The Island!

Scroll down, fill out the form below.  To be considered your submission must be received no later than 5 pm on Tuesday, 12/3/2019.