Franzman Island Mornings 5:30-10am

Franzman has been waking up the Tri-Cities with the ONE MAN PARTY IN THE MORNING since 2013!

Franz lives in Grand Island where he says he is blessed to be. He formally spent time in the newspaper business and was in a band but broadcasting allows him to do the things he enjoys most… disseminating information, playing great music and meeting and interviewing guests.

If you are the organizer of an event, a fundraiser, an entertainer coming to the area for a concert, the head of the Chamber getting the word out about what is coming up where we live or a client of ours launching a new business chances are that you have been interviewed by Franz.


Stray Cats

I have always been impressed that Brian Setzer didn’t simply revive rockabilly but he is also responsible for bringing back swing! The Stray Cats will share highlights of last year’s 40th anniversary tour with a live release. Due September 11th, Rocked This Town: From L.A. to London showcases Brian Setzer, Lee Rocker, Slim Jim Phantom…read more »


Well, it’s about time

I remember sifting through the mounds of loose and individually wrapped candies at Party City and picking out as many of the pink Starburst that I could find. Sure the other colors are ok. All Starburst matter. (I like the orange and red). I REALLY like the pink ones and if I have enough of…read more »

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Neil Peart’s last work

Growth Rings, a short film co-written and narrated by the late Rush drummer and lyricist Neil Peart, has just been released. Created in collaboration with DW Drums, the film examines the way in which music marks moments in our lives. It also includes concert footage of Rush. Peart died on January 7th in Santa Monica,…read more »

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I nearly jumped off the couch

I have heard countless musicians both famous and from all walks of life cite The Beatles on Ed Sullivan as the moment they knew what they wanted to do for a living. I completely understand that when I watch the black and white footage but I didn’t see it as it aired because I was…read more »

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I enjoy reading the liner notes

Right from the very beginning of my becoming a music fan I read the liner notes. From the very first record or cassette I got my hands on I read the notes back-to- front. That’s how I have a brain filled with random information like RUSH: Exit Stage Left lists Geddy Lee as not just…read more »

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Tornado Hill Fundraiser for Marker

Marker message The text for a planned historical marker remembering the tornadoes of 1980: Seven tornadoes struck Grand Island and surrounding areas on the night of June 3, 1980. They were part of a supercell thunderstorm complex that produced eighteen tornadoes from Nebraska to West Virginia. The complex approached Grand Island from the north during…read more »