Franzman Island Mornings 5:30-10am

Franzman has been waking up the Tri-Cities with the ONE MAN PARTY IN THE MORNING since 2013!

Franz lives in Grand Island where he says he is blessed to be. He formally spent time in the newspaper business and was in a band but broadcasting allows him to do the things he enjoys most… disseminating information, playing great music and meeting and interviewing guests.

If you are the organizer of an event, a fundraiser, an entertainer coming to the area for a concert, the head of the Chamber getting the word out about what is coming up where we live or a client of ours launching a new business chances are that you have been interviewed by Franz.


I have had ENOUGH

This article in its entirety from Foundation for Economic Education: (Published 08/06/2020) Europe’s Top Health Officials Say Masks Aren’t Helpful in Beating COVID-19 The top medical experts in the world can’t decide if masks are helpful in reducing the spread of COVID-19 or just make things worse. Thursday, August 6, 2020 From left to right:…read more »

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New Stones video for old song

The Rolling Stones put together a new video for a song they recorded in 1974. This Thursday (08/06) sees the premiere of the clip for “Scarlet,” one of the unreleased tracks on the deluxe reissue of their 1973 album, Goats Head Soup, which comes out on September 4th. “Scarlet” features Jimmy Page on guitar and…read more »


New Bon Jovi

This is the press release about new Bon Jovi: Bon Jovi is rockin’ with a new mid-summer single. With lyrics reflecting pandemic life and social distancing, “Do What You Can” hits home this summer with jobs lost, businesses closing and frustration spreading. Some of the lyrics were contributed by fans. Jon Bon Jovi tells Britain’s…read more »


Very sneaky virus

This Damn-demic! This corona virus is the strangest, sneakiest, most confusing virus I ever heard of. It’s so dangerous the way it spreads. I find it mysterious the way it lurks in schools but then dies at Ace Hardware. It’s an evil virus that seems to pick up strength in churches yet seems impervious to…read more »


Stray Cats

I have always been impressed that Brian Setzer didn’t simply revive rockabilly but he is also responsible for bringing back swing! The Stray Cats will share highlights of last year’s 40th anniversary tour with a live release. Due September 11th, Rocked This Town: From L.A. to London showcases Brian Setzer, Lee Rocker, Slim Jim Phantom…read more »


Well, it’s about time

I remember sifting through the mounds of loose and individually wrapped candies at Party City and picking out as many of the pink Starburst that I could find. Sure the other colors are ok. All Starburst matter. (I like the orange and red). I REALLY like the pink ones and if I have enough of…read more »