honest question

honest question

We have been seeing, hearing and experiencing things we have never, ever experienced before. Honestly some of is frightening, some annoying, some of it is beyond annoying and some of it is downright ridiculously funny.

America’s most popular nudist resorts require guests to wear masks. “No tan lines” does not apply during a pandemic.

Can you really be naked if your face is covered?

General manager Megan Robinson at New York’s Empire Haven admits, ) “It’s a little bit odd when that is the only part of the body that is clothed.”

If we are wearing face masks to prevent the spread of droplets, um, honest question, shouldn’t other orifices be covered? Which I realize would make it a normal beach.

3 Facts: Even ill-fitting medical face masks have been found to interrupt airborne particles and viruses, keeping them from reaching as far when someone sneezes.

2). While masks made out of cotton T-shirts were far less effective than manufactured surgical masks in preventing wearers from expelling droplets, they did reduce droplets and were better than no protection at all.

3). This will definitely create unique tan lines