majorly blessed

majorly blessed

I can’t even believe it! Look at all these people that showed up at the same time and moved me and Kansas into the new house. At one point, Jim was mopping under the old washing machine. I have never been on the receiving end of so many people so giving of their time and efforts. Terry was first to come over and start on the washer and dryer (A job I just didn’t want to tackle).

Lew brought his truck, a covered trailer and heavy duty appliance dollies. Jim brought his long bed pick up truck, Shostal brought his truck as did Troy. Our property looked like a truck dealership.

As a life-long renter, I am impressed and envious of their collective knowledge beyond my comprehension.

Ida and Carly made our bed without telling us and Troy and Carly then hung our shower curtain rod. They made the house functional way before we would have been able to.

Lew was a natural foreman! He took the lead on much of the heavy work that I conveniently steered clear of.

It was necessary to have young blood there (Cole). He did everything Kansas told him to.

Carly, Denise, Caresse, Ann and Annette carried boxes, cleaned cabinets, floors and bought food and provisions for the party.

I thought Kansas and I got a major blessing in being able to get this house. We were…but the fact of the matter is, we were majorly blessed way before with this network of the finest individuals anyone could dream of having in their lives.