Leaves Don’t Go In The Street

Leaves Don’t Go In The Street

Today I received a notification from the City of Kearney that really serves as a healthy reminder regardless of where you live. With the change in season also comes the change in leaves. As the leaves begin to fall it is important to understand and be reminded of the proper way to collect and dispose of your leaves. Here’s what the City of Kearney had to say…

“City streets are not the dumping grounds for leaves. Why should you be concerned? Organic matter such as grass and leaves can cause odors in neighborhood creeks and drainage problems that lead to flooding.

Lawn Care professionals and residential home owners using leaf blowers on yards are asked to blow leaves and clippings back on to yards. The stormwater system is designed to drain only rain. The large amount of leaves prohibits the stormwater system from meeting peak efficiency. Also, City street sweeping machines are not designed for picking up excessive amounts of leaves. Here are some options for what can be done with the leaves:

*Keep leaves in your yard to benefit from their nutrients
*Rake or blow leaves into a compost pile, where they can decompose without odor.
*Collect leaves in the brown recycling bins the City picks up weekly.”