Look At All That Attitude

Look At All That Attitude

Seeing all the 1st Day of School photos today, made me want to share my last day of Kindergarten photo with you.

Man, look at all that attitude!

Yep, that’s me. I’ve been highly disappointed with school ending since I was 5, I’ve also been disappointed with all the waiting around for an event to start since that day too. Most importantly, this is also the earliest memory I have of feeling left out because I wasn’t chosen to play a special role in a production.

Yep, I’ve had a lifetime of those disappointing moments. It’s amazing how long they stay with you… I’m not bitter, I just have a really good memory of that moment captured so perfectly!

How I felt on that day can only explain why I felt so compelled to steal a kiss from my K-Crush when the event was over. I guess I just needed something that I REALLY WANTED in the end. I’m pretty sure his mom still hates me to this day.