Feel Good Friday

Feel Good Friday

Last week I talked with long time Island listener, Amy H. of Grand Island. She shared her experience participating in the Special Olympics in Omaha. It was exciting hearing her tell us that her team took 1st place! She was very excited to win being that this was her first year to participate. I shared her story on the air because it was simply a feel good story. That immediately made me think, “well if this feels great, how awesome would it be to do this on a regular basis?”

That’s where FEEL GOOD FRIDAY was born!

I would encourage you, if you’re tired of hearing and seeing all the bad stuff on the news, social media, etc, then take a couple minutes to share the good news with us! It can be an inspiring story, some noteworthy act of kindness or anything good we should all know about.

WE WANT YOUR GOOD NEWS! In return, we’ll pick a weekly winner to receive a certificate to Lee’s Family Restaurant, or as I like to call it a Lee’s Family Friday!

HOW TO PARTICIPATE: Call the Island Studios 308-398-9000 at 2pm each weekday when you hear me asking for your phone calls. This will realistically happen around 2:03-2:05pm CST each weekday. I’ll record your phone call and you never know, you could hear me share your FEEL GOOD story on the air on Friday afternoon around 2:30. If you would rather email your story to me, that’s okay too! Just tell me your name, town you live in and share your story. Emails can be sent to: kfranzman@nrgmedia.com.

You’ll be able to listen back to our FEEL GOOD FRIDAY segments after they air on facebook & twitter, so be sure to follow us now we’re @1077theisland and the segments will be in #TheIslandSocialZone.