Update on State Response to Historically Catastrophic Weather Events

Update on State Response to Historically Catastrophic Weather Events

LINCOLN, Neb. – The following is from the Nebraska Emergency Management Agency:

“With devastating flooding in several regions of the state, Nebraska Emergency Management Agency (NEMA), partner agencies, emergency officials, and volunteers remain hard at work assisting with historically catastrophic conditions statewide.

NEMA is tracking conditions across the state, responding to requests for assistance from local emergency managers and developing a common operating picture to keep local officials aware of the situation.

Evacuations are taking place throughout the state at this time. Travel is extremely dangerous with conditions changing rapidly. Non-essential travel is not advised.

The levee near Valley has overtopped and is possibly breached, causing water to flood the area. The National Weather Service at Valley has relocated. Confirmation on the condition of the levee is impossible to ascertain due to inaccessibility. Alternative options for inspecting the area are being explored.

All evacuation notices, suggested and mandatory, are STRONGLY encouraged. By ignoring evacuation recommendations, extraction requests made later may be delayed.

Evacuations (full and partial) as of Friday:

·         Beemer
·         Belgrade
·         Cedar Rapids
·         Dannebrog
·         Genoa – Lake Oconee
·         Inglewood – DHHS Call Center
·         Randolph City Auditorium
·         Northern Butler County
·         Eastern Richardson County
·         Pender – Senior Living
·         Broken Bow – Senior Center
·         Linoma Beach
·         Norfolk
·         Fremont  – Hospital
·         Anselmo
·         Lynch
·         Wisner
·         South Bend Middle Island
·         Louisville – Trailer Park
·         Cedar Creek – Along River
·         Plattsmouth – OMA Fish & Wildlife
·         Plattsmouth – Moorehead Island
·         Plattsmouth – Beach Road
·         Eastern Washington County
·         Beemer – 6 homes
·         Pleasanton – Homes
·         Bucaneer Bay – Neighborhood
·         Valley – Evacuation
·         Plattsmouth – Low-lying areas
·         Sarpy County – Platte & Missouri River
·         West Point – Western section

Red Cross reports there are 721 people in Red Cross and partner shelters. Shelters are open in the following places:

  • Council Bluffs, Iowa (Salem United Methodist Church, 14955 Somerset Avenue)
  • Bellwood, Nebraska (Bellwood Fire Department, 752 41 Road)
  • Boelus, Nebraska (CNR Center, 614 Delaware Street)
  • Columbus, Nebraska (DHS- East Central Health Department, 4321 41st Avenue)
  • Freemont, Nebraska (First Lutheran Church, 3200 Military Avenue; enter Mission Center on NW corner of campus)
  • Hader, Nebraska (Hader Fire Hall, 101 Front Street)
  • Missouri Valley, Nebraska (Rand Community Center, 100 S. 4th Street)
  • Norfolk, Nebraska (Lutheran High Northeast, 2010 N. 37th Street)
  • Norfolk, Nebraska (Bel Air Elementary School, 1101 N. 18th Street)
  • Norfolk, Nebraska (Sacred Heart Elementary School, 2301 Madison Avenue)
  • North Loup, Nebraska (North Loup Community Center, 112 S. B Street)
  • Pierce, Nebraska (Pierce Fire Department, 106 1st Street)
  • Plattsmouth, Nebraska (Plattsmouth Community Center, 308 S. 18th Street)
  • Randolph, Nebraska (Randolph City Auditorium, 119 N. Main Street)
  • St. Edward, Nebraska (St. Edward City Hall, 1302 State Highway 39)

Interstate 80 is now open; however, road conditions remain dangerous across the state.

Additional information for roads and conditions can be found through Nebraska 511.”