UNK developments and students making a thriving campus

UNK developments and students making a thriving campus

KEARNEY, Neb. – Chancellor Doug Kristensen sat down with KGFW’s Talk of the Town to provide updates with the current happenings at UNK. As the Early Childhood Education Center continues to develop the public can see those results, but the Chancellor believes the real pride should be towards what’s inside the center.

“Buildings are good, they attract people, people are interested in new facilities, they help with programs. It really is a quality of that faculty and they are super energized and ready to go, I’m thrilled. We talk about it a lot but if you’re interested in early childhood education, there’s really no other place you ought to be going than here.”

The campus has a wide variety of donor names for its buildings and Chancellor Kristensen is currently looking for a standout name for the new Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) education facility.

“In the past we have named buildings for previous service, administrators or faculty members. We would like to join and mature up our gifting enough to where we could get a substantial gift, we could name the building. You see for example like Plambeck is a donor driven name so we would like to do that for this (STEM) building, we have some requests and ideas and suggestions out there. We would hopefully like to know that by this spring.”

As new buildings go up, other buildings are being torn down. A building that is long overdue, Otto Olsen, hasn’t been an easy building to remove due to its variety of activity within its walls.

“Otto Olsen is the most complicated building project because it impacted all of our colleges on campus so everybody had a program in that building. That included our IT presence, all of the fiber networks, the servers, all of those things were housed inside of Otto Olsen. The College of Fine Arts before it became arts and sciences. Business and college of education all had pieces in there so we had to parcel them out.”

These buildings would be nothing without the students learning inside of them, and they are always trying to give back to their supportive community.

“People tend to forget that our students are very philanthropy minded. They want to give back, they want to do service and that’s really impressive, they’re busy doing lots of other things. This a very busy time, first of November through Thanksgiving is really when the meat of the semester gets taken care of, so academically there’s a lot going on. Our students are very busy but they take time out to raise money for others, that’s really impressive.”

Many of UNK’s current projects and changes are set to be complete by the fall of 2019 to introduce a new wave of students to a flourishing campus. To hear Chancellor Kristensen’s full interview on KGFW’s Talk of the Town, click here.