Money, Money, Money

Money, Money, Money


An Iowa man recently won the lottery and get this: He knew it was going to happen…because a fortune cookie told him! Man, I’m eating at the wrong restaurants! My fortunes are never more exciting than, “You will have a vague recollection of a mediocre something.”

But not this Iowa dude (92 years old). His fortune cookie read,”You will discover an unexpected treasure.” Now that’s a fortune cookie!

Resident of Iowa, Chuck Svatos won the 2nd prize in the Lucky for Life drawing and won $25,000 a year for life. (At 92 years old, he chose the lump sum option which is $390,000).

When he was presented his over-sized check, he explained that he expected to win because of what his fortune read.

He says he plans to use his winnings to travel. I wanna call him and ask him to travel to Grand Island to see me…and hey, bring some of that Chinese food with real fortune cookies!