City of Kearney passes budget
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Kearney, Neb (KGFW) - Last night the city of kearney held their annual public hearing on the 2017-2018 budget. An opportunity for members of the community to dive into the dollars and cents behind our city government.

Some of the numbers from last nights meeting:

Total expenditures for the new year are up less than $1m. The top three items for expenditures this year being the Airport project, Public safety in the form of police and fire and finally public works which is dominated by streets.

The city also noted that a 3% raise was coming along with bumping up the cities contribution to benefits from 80% to 85% to come more in line with other first class municipalities in the state.

The valuation of the city this year grew 5.39% to just over $2.5 billion.

The good news for residents is for the third year in a row the cities tax levy remained the same at point 1-3-7-3-6.

That translates into a $274 payment to the city for a $200,000 house.

The last big news from the meeting last night was the continued decline of sales tax remitted to the city.

Finance director Wendel Wessels points out that for the last 3 years now the sales tax has effectively seen a one half percent decrease year to year. Although the amount of money coming in has remained flat, the growth of the population combined with rising costs has equated a decline in the sales tax revenue.

They ended the meeting last evening on a sour note with Wessels telling city council that next years budget will get harder, attributing many factors into that determination. The council will be looking at making some decisions on how to curb some of the revenue loss in the upcoming years.