Kansas Island Mid-days 10am-3pm

Kansas loves participating in our One For the Heroes Day and enjoys broadcasting live at clients and events including our biggest Grand Island event of the year…The Nebraska State Fair. Kansas represents our stations on local non profit committees and helps promote the annual Hear Grand Island music series in historic downtown Grand Island.

Kansas was born and raised in west Texas where she got her start in broadcasting as a TV news producer then caught the radio bug. Kansas attended Angelo State University and studied Mass Communications and Music. She went to culinary school and makes INCREDIBLE cupcakes as CupCakeKansas.


Gimme, gimme, gimme those Girl Scout Cookies!!!

Win ’em before you can buy ’em with 107.7 The Island! Listen all this week and next week for your chance to win with me. I’ll hook you up with the cookie you crave most (while supplies last) and one additional box of my choosing for you to enjoy. You’ll want to be caller #7…read more »

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Calling all homeowners and aspiring builders

The Central Nebraska Home and Builders Show is this weekend in Grand Island at The Pinnacle Bank Expo Building (Fonner Park). This is perfect opportunity for you to get inspired with thousands of ideas to help make your house a home during the 45th Annual Home Show. 45 years of helping homeowners find solutions, find…read more »

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It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane… No, it’s a Drone!

Initially I thought this “drone thing” would just blow over rather quickly because: 1) The drones would simply move on or 2) Whoever is behind the drones would chirp up NEITHER HAS HAPPENED! Prior to the announcement of drones in our area, I spotted one flying rather low after dusk as I made my way…read more »

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Stress Awareness

Tomorrow (11/6) is Stress Awareness Day. It is super important to carve out some time for yourself to help with relieving stress in your life. Stress truly is toxic for your health, both mentally and physically. Today I’d encourage you to invest in your own mental health by practicing self-care, because there is no health…read more »

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Leaves Don’t Go In The Street

Today I received a notification from the City of Kearney that really serves as a healthy reminder regardless of where you live. With the change in season also comes the change in leaves. As the leaves begin to fall it is important to understand and be reminded of the proper way to collect and dispose…read more »

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The Lion King’s special place in my heart

Back in the 90’s my love for The Lion King and Simba was bigger than words could ever describe. I was hooked the moment the film came into my life. Watching the Lion King was my first film to see in theaters and I remember the excitement of going to the show like it was…read more »