Franzman Island Mornings 5:30-10am

Franzman has been waking up the Tri-Cities with the ONE MAN PARTY IN THE MORNING since 2013!

Franz and his wife live in Grand Island where he says he is blessed to be. He formally spent time in the newspaper business and was in a band but broadcasting allows him to do the things he enjoys most… disseminating information, playing great music and meeting and interviewing guests.

If you are the organizer of an event, a fundraiser, an entertainer coming to the area for a concert, the head of the Chamber getting the word out about what is coming up where we live or a client of ours launching a new business chances are that you have been interviewed by Franz.


Perfect for Halloween

There is currently a very interesting exhibit at The Hastings Museum called “Dead Things”. It’s perfect for Halloween and there are two versions: one is for adults and one is family friendly. Becky Tideman from The Hastings Museum is always a great guest and she joined me this morning. Watch the video for all the…read more »


If I can do it…

…you can do it! This is surprisingly easy and WAY healthier than eating *** store bought. (name brand purposely omitted). Whether you have to stay away from certain ingredients or you just like to play in the kitchen, this is for you! Vegan Peanut Butter Cups Recipe! Don’t get used to me posting recipes! It…read more »


This made me smile

Letterman was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel’s show recently and it was SO good to see. In the 80s when Letterman was on after Johnny Carson it was WAY too late for us to stay up in our one-tv household so my brother would program the VCR to tape it EVERY NIGHT! Then on Saturday’s…read more »

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Good Readin’

I don’t read as much as I’d like to and I don’t always read what I should but I always make sure to have a book on hand as a conquest. It’s one of my self-made rules that I always abide by. There has to be at least one book that I am currently reading…read more »

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Good Watchin’

Here’s a headline that got my attention: “BINGE-CLOCK” CALCULATES HOW MANY DAYS IT TAKES TO WATCH ANY SHOW! Remember watching television the old fashioned way? I don’t mean black n’ white and rabbit ears, I mean watching a show that you like with numerous commercial interruptions and then waiting an entire week for another episode.…read more »

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Parrot Heads and Parakeets

If you’re a Jimmy Buffet fan, you really want this! It’s a collection of acoustic tracks from his early years (they were literally long-lost). Next month, Jimmy Buffett will release Buried Treasure, Volume One, consisting of recently rediscovered demos that he recorded during the late 1960s. Jimmy Buffett said he titled this release “Buried Treasure”…read more »