Franzman Island Mornings 5:30-10am

Franzman has been waking up the Tri-Cities with the ONE MAN PARTY IN THE MORNING since 2013!

Franz and his wife live in Grand Island where he says he is blessed to be. He formally spent time in the newspaper business and was in a band but broadcasting allows him to do the things he enjoys most… disseminating information, playing great music and meeting and interviewing guests.

If you are the organizer of an event, a fundraiser, an entertainer coming to the area for a concert, the head of the Chamber getting the word out about what is coming up where we live or a client of ours launching a new business chances are that you have been interviewed by Franz.


New Drunk Face Emoji

In case you haven’t seen it yet, there is now a drunk face emoji. Apple is calling it a “Woozy Face,” it looks like the little yellow face had a few too many or had a bad piece of fish. Also Known As Drunk Face and Face With Uneven Eyes and Wavy Mouth. The very…read more »


Election 2018

FB has an election page to help inform you about the candidates and at a very minimum show you who is running. It’s under “Election 2018” Elections have slowly moved into the digital age with rules regarding ballot selfies. Violating a ballot selfie ban could earn a fine or jail time. Justin Timberlake got…read more »


“Spread” it!

Some people would like to teach the world to sing…yeah, that would be okay but I’d like to teach the world how to spread ice-melt. “SPREAD” ice-melt, not pour it in clumps on the ground. Here are the steps for spreading salt for maximum efficiency. You want to melt the ice and snow and offer…read more »



Check Out METALLICA dude in Character Look what I just found online! James Hetfield of Metallica playing a cop. Not just any cop, but the Utah Highway patrolman who arrested serial killer Ted Bundy in 1975. This is apparently the first photo shared of James Hetfield’s work on the film: Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil, and…read more »

PIC - MUG 250


Did ya ever watch a show called “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee”? It’s Jerry Seinfeld in a different and awesome vintage automobile talking and joking and driving to get coffee. It’s on Netflix and you can also catch some episodes on YouTube. To name a few of my favorite episodes is difficult because I find…read more »



Cats make some of the cutest and most beautiful sounds ever…with that said, they’re also capable of making some bone-chilling noises and goose- bump producing cries. Booker was scared of the KSYZ Central Showcase Studio. It’s really NOT that scary, he’s just a fraidy-cat. Check out the video. He needs a loving forever home. Adoptions…read more »