I thought I had a cool coffee mug

I thought I had a cool coffee mug but then I saw these. There’s some really cool ones that I’d like to drink out of. Copy and paste this link in your browser and check out some really creative coffee cups. more »


Tell me what ya think

Did ya ever hear Chris Cornell sing Michael Jackson? He puts such a dark and compelling spin on it. I love it. Tell me what ya more »


News and Commentary by Franzman

A Missouri man was sentenced to watch the movie “Bambi” once every month during his year behind bars for his part in the illegal killing of hundreds of deer, authorities said Monday. (HUNDREDS of deer he killed…HUNDREDS!) His name is David Berry Jr. He is 29 years old. He was just handed the unusual sentence…read more »


a clip worth watching

Did you know John Cougar has been dating Meg Ryan? Here’s a clip worth watching when he was interviewed by the Today more »

I made a snowflake without scissors or's an E-snowflake!

It’s an E-snowflake!

Hey, look what I made! It’s an E-snowflake! Remember when you were little and you made paper snowflakes at school? Now you can skip the paper and scissors and do it on your computer. more »


Step into my blog

Elton John is getting into the holiday spirit by sharing some rare video footage of a 1973 performance of the song “Step Into Christmas”. Step into my blog and check out this fan favorite. The footage is from the television broadcast of The Gilbert O’Sullivan Show. It reportedly was lost for decades and recently rediscovered.…read more »


Franzman Island Mornings 5:30-10am

My name is Franzman. I previously worked for numerous daily newspapers, designing advertising and writing copy for clients and although I liked it, I knew there was somewhere else I wanted to be. I knew it was a place that did not require a tie or dress slacks. I’ve never been a dress slacks kinda guy.

Eventually, I started a career in broadcasting that continues to make me happy every day.

If I had to do something else, I truly don’t know where I’d be…maybe an Andrew Dice-Clay impersonator. Thanks for listening!