latest viral video

It’s like a real-life Tom & Jerry cartoon. I wonder if the rat was rabid. Besides cartoons, I never heard of a rat successfully chasing a cat away. In the next video it would be cool to see the cat on the roof trying to drop an anvil on the more »


New Drunk Face Emoji

In case you haven’t seen it yet, there is now a drunk face emoji. Apple is calling it a “Woozy Face,” it looks like the little yellow face had a few too many or had a bad piece of fish. Also Known As Drunk Face and Face With Uneven Eyes and Wavy Mouth. The very…read more »

pic - sandhill crane capital

A true wonder

My wife and I were driving from Kearney to Grand island when we saw Nebraska’s Great Sandhill Crane Migration and we were so taken by the magnificence that we pulled the car over and got out to try to get a closer look (not proper etiquette). You are not supposed to get too close or…read more »


I’ll be over here trying to ignore the ringing in my ears

I don’t even know if ya need ear plugs anymore at concerts. It seems technology has allowed sound systems to get loud enough to crank rear-end kickin’ decibels without damaging your ears. That’s the way it seems to me but that may be my almost deaf ears talkin’. When I was a concert goin’ fool…read more »


Don’t ever text me, “Call Me”.

Did you ever have difficulty expressing yourself? Trying to find the right words or analogy to drive your point home doesn’t always come naturally. Sucks especially hard when you are expected to communicate for a living. I have made it known (on numerous occasions) my feelings on texting and my near HATRED of it as…read more »


Franzman Island Mornings 5:30-10am

My name is Franzman. I previously worked for numerous daily newspapers, designing advertising and writing copy for clients and although I liked it, I knew there was somewhere else I wanted to be. I knew it was a place that did not require a tie or dress slacks. I’ve never been a dress slacks kinda guy.

Eventually, I started a career in broadcasting that continues to make me happy every day.

If I had to do something else, I truly don’t know where I’d be…maybe an Andrew Dice-Clay impersonator. Thanks for listening!