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I have been guilty of openly voicing my opinion regarding my musical tastes for quite some time and I realize now how toxic that can be. When I hear others do the same, I cringe, literally.

Degrading performers that are doing their thing on the stage and using disparaging reviews of their staging, rendition or production and using phrases like "not real music" or "non-art" is not proper form and it's actually, downright rude. I am guilty of this on numerous past occasions but never again in the future if I can help it.

DJ's,Techno people, Hip Hop crap (stuff, sorry) shouldn't matter the genre because if it's not your cup of tea, (I tell myself) you could just walk away. Ya know, unless you are a professional, salaried reviewer for the New York Times.

We really shouldn't be so bold as to think anyone cares what we think. It's all subjective anyway. I'm just sorry it took me so long to realize this.

One person hates the Beatles and loves The Kardashians while someone else adores The Rolling Stones and hates Miley Syphylis. Regardless of which one is you, respectfully keep it to yourself. (I repeatedly tell myself).

With a little luck and some introspection we can all continue to improve as people. At this rate, by the time I'm 96 years old, God-willing, I am going to be a really, really great and impressive human being (By my standards. I don't know what everybody else is gonna think).

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