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I know the franchise is responsible for selling a Gazillion plastic lightsabers but Star Wars really doesn't interest me. Not sure why. Let's analyze it.

As a kid, I watched Star Trek with William Shatner and The Next Generation with Capt. Picard and Number 1.

I love the writing and overall production of both of those shows to this day yet I have zero motivation for anything Star Wars. I saw the first one in the theatre in 1977. It was good, the bar room scene stands out in my mind (and reminds me of some of my family gatherings) but beyond that, I feel nothing.

No motivation to see any of the trailers even. I know full-well that the writing and cinematography must be impressive and yet still, nadda.

Why? Not sure. I don't do Harry Potter either. Too mystical maybe.

Part of me feels a bit inferior like maybe I'm not smart enough for Harry Potter and Star Wars plotlines and themes and then I give myself a pep talk and say well I'm a bit of a Trekkie. Isn't that good enough? For me it is but I feel like I disappoint Star Wars fans when I say I'm not interested in the same way I get utterly confused when someone says they don't like the Beatles.

Maybe someday I will try to carve out a few hours to give it try. Who knows maybe I will like it so much that I will begin attending conventions all over the world. Hehehehe. See, I can't even write that with a straight face.

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