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I have a strong belief that many of the people that refuse to STOP talking politics when the conversation begins to diminish are trying to prove to everyone how smart they are and how much more they know then you do.

You know who I'm talking about. The people that incorporate words / phrases like, "Libs" and "Drive-by Media" and "Darwinian".

Look, there's a time and place for that and it's ONLY when all in attendance agree to have a political discussion. NOT when you want to get something off of your chest. (Regurgitating what Douche Dildo said doesn't make you smart. It makes you a good memorizer).

I always felt bad for the host/hostess that put forth so much effort to make all the food, drink and d├ęcor so perfect only to be met with one or two guests that just wouldn't let the conversation go.

It's not fun watching and listening to the chatter progress from awkward conversation to uncomfortable comments, through heated discussions and on up to disrespectful arguments and name-calling...and I'm talking about the adults!

If you don't want this I suggest that you tell your guests upfront that political discussions are NOT allowed except for those that wish to engage in them in which case they will be allowed after dinner, outside and away from those of us with a brain.

You know the great people at Butterball offer free cooking advice on the holidays by calling 800-BUTTER BALL. Well there's another great service available to you to alleviate the political tension in your household this holiday season. They teach you how to keep it less divisive and more peaceful. it's called, "How to Avoid Politcs at Dinner".

Give it a whirl and let me know how it works and for the record I do wanna say that the writer of this blog LOVES and CRAVES the art of great conversation. We all learn so much from each other when we communicate successfully. I wish we could communicate successfully on the topics of Politics and/or Religion but it appears that we cannot and it is for this reason that I am against it.

HowToAvoidPoliticsAtDinner: call 855-4-My-Table (etiquette advice).

Or you could just tell Auntie Crabby Patty to Shuteee!

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