News and Commentary by Franzman

News and Commentary by Franzman

A Missouri man was sentenced to watch the movie “Bambi” once every month during his year behind bars for his part in the illegal killing of hundreds of deer, authorities said Monday. (HUNDREDS of deer he killed…HUNDREDS!)

His name is David Berry Jr. He is 29 years old. He was just handed the unusual sentence as part of what Missouri regulators called one of the biggest poaching cases in state history. (I wanna know if he cries when he watches it…I can only hope.)

This dude was among a group (which included his brothers and father) who illegally killed hundreds of deer over at least three years, authorities said. (Arrests in the probe began over 2 years ago).

The men were found to have broken a laundry list of hunting laws, including hunting out of season, using illegal weapons, such as lights that temporarily blind deer at night so they stand still for an easy kill. They also would cruise in their vehicles and kill deer from the roadsides, also in violation of state hunting laws, officials said. (Bunch o’ sissies! Hunt like a man!)

The arrest report stated they would sometimes cut off the heads of their kills, leaving the rest of the deer carcass to rot in fields across Lawrence County, Missouri.>(What? They don’t like jerky? WTF?! By the way, that’s NOT hunting, that is poaching! and that’s illegal).

“At least one time per month, that Defendant is to view the Walt Disney movie Bambi, with the first viewing being on or before December 23, 2018 (I hope he cries so much his nose gets red…and then is forced to listen to “Isn’t it Ironic”)

Berry and his father lost their hunting, fishing and trapping privileges for life (GOOD!)His two brothers and another weirdo in the group lost their privileges for periods ranging from five to 18 years. (What are they gonna shoot now? Scared).

I’m gonna go out on a limb here and predict they have more crap on their front lawn then you do in your house.

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