Be an earlier-riser!

Be an earlier-riser!

There are three kinds of people in this world: 1). Early-risers, 2). Earlier-risers and, 3). “Holy cow, how does this person ever make it outta bed”?

I’m somewhere between number 1 and number 2 and I want to tell you now how important I think it is to be a number 2.
I have mentioned the topic of time passing by at lightning speed ad nauseam but I just figured out how to slow it down a bit.

Are ya ready? Here it is…I’m a genius: Be a number 2! When a person gets up 15 minutes late and rushes through every little thing faced before them, guess what happens? You get ZERO joy out of a string of what can otherwise be beautiful gifts that we are squandering away mindlessly because we make our selves late nearly EVERY day. How can you enjoy a nice warm shower when you’re late for your career. How can you enjoy eggs and bacon when you don’t have ample time to eat. Early morning hours are a gift from God. A brand new day filled with so much promise and a beautiful sunrise. If we get up even 10 minutes late we frantically rush through each and every task set before us and next thing you know it’s lunch time. What a waste.

Enjoy each and every gift simply by having the time to do so. Enjoyment of these gifts really can be obtained by simply allowing yourself as little as 15 more minutes in the morning. 15 more minutes to NOT rush through your kid’s smile, your wife’s beautiful face, your hot coffee, your commute to work (commuting isn’t stressful when you’re not running late!). Shouldn’t breakfast be enjoyable? How about that sunrise? Reading the paper, talking with a loved one and wishing them a great day is a wonderful way to begin each day. Get the paper with a cup of coffee and actually have time to realize what you are doing…or do absolutely nothing before you leave for work and sit and enjoy in the moment. When was the last time you did actually nothing for 3 to 5 minutes? I think the Japanese call this practice Muga. A spiritual state of selflessness. Try it.

I believe in being an “Earlier-riser”. Life is speeding up exponentially. Enjoy the things you are missing out on simply by getting up a little bit earlier. Let me ask ya, aren’t those aforementioned things worth enjoying?